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Motor on the Hall Effect IC

This is a great educational tool in helping to learn basics of electricity, magnetism and electronics. It is a very reliable motor with easy to follow illustrated assembly instructions.

Basic knowledge about electronics and some soldering skills/tools are required for assembly.

  • SM-KIT6 contents

  • Kit Contents:
    1. Hall effect IC
    2. PNP power Darlington transistor
    3. Spool of magnet wire (50 ft or more of 27 gauge insulated copper wire)
    4. 4 magnets with South pole marked
    5. Glossy magnet labels
    6. Heavy duty board (approx. 5" x 6") with stands position color marks
    7. Stand for the Hall effect switch
    8. Electromagnet stand (marked with green star)
    9. Rotor stands (marked with blue and silver stars)
    10. Rotor core with 4 flat surfaces
    11. 4" precut nail with pre-wound tape for the electromagnet
    12. 2 caps with a center hole
    13. T-pin
    14. Wooden insert
    15. Pushpin
    16. Rubber plug that allows you to attach disks, propellers, etc.
    17. Super glue
    18. Piece of sandpaper
    19. Battery holder
    20. Jumper wire (to experiment with 4 different voltages)
    21. 3 ft of hook-up wire (1 piece or precut - 4 pcs)