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Type 17-2
Type 17-2 Brazing Tip size 2

Welding tips come complete with elbow, mixer and nut. Various fuel gases may be used, including: acetylene, propane, Mapp®, and natural gas. Note: The oxygen consumption (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour) is 1.1 times the acetylene for a neutral flame. The oxygen consumption will vary when using other fuel gases.

Acety. Consump. SCFH – 5-10
Fuel Pressure PSIG – 5
Oxygen Pressure PSIG – 5
Welding Metal Thickness – 1/8”
Brazing Copper Tubing - 1”
Replacement Elbow – Type17E-2
Replacement Mixer and Nut UM17 – UM17-2



Price $23.00