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Triple Output, Dual 0-18V, 0-3A and 5V, 3A

The GPC-1850D is designed to be used in applications such as powering operational amplifier, push-pull stages, logic circuit and definition systems where plus and minus voltages are required to track with an insignificant error.


  • Light and Compact Design
  • 0.01% High Regulation
  • Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
  • Series or Parallel Operation Function
  • Remote Control by External Voltage
  • Internal Select for Continuous or Dynamic Load
  • Low Ripple and Noise
  • Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection


  Operation Mode

  Two independent outputs and
  5V fixed output

  Output from 0 to ± rating volts and 0
  to rating amperes


  Output from 0 to + rating volts at
  rating ampere seach

  Output from 0 to double rating volts
  at rating amperes


  Output from 0 to double rating
  amperes at rating volts

  5v Fixed Output

  Line regulation < 5mV

  Load regulation < 10mV

  Ripple & Noise   < 2mVrms
  Voltage Accuracy   5V ± 0.25V
  Output Current   3A
  Tracking Operation
  Tracking Error   < 0.5% + 10mV of the master
  Series Regulation   < 300mV
  Constant Voltage Operation
  Regulation   Line regulation < 0.01% + 3mV
  Load regulation

  < 0.01% + 3mV (rating current < 3A)

  < 0.02% + 5mV (rating current < 10A)

  Ripple Current   < 3mArms
  Recovery Time   < 100µS (50% Load change,
  Minimum load 0.5A)
  Constant Current Operation

  Line regulation < 0.2% + 3mA

  Load regulation < 0.2% + 3mA

  Ripple Current

  < 3mArms


  3 ½ digits 0.5" LED display

  3 ½ digits 0.39" LED display
  (for GPC-3030DQ)

  Accuracy   ± (0.5% of rdg + 2 digits)
  Chassis and
  20M Ohms or above (DC 500V)
  Chassis and
  AC Cord
  30M Ohms or above (DC 500V)
  Power Source
  AC 100V/120V/220V/240V±10%, 50/60Hz
  Instruction manual x 1, Power cord x 1
  Test lead GTL-105 x 3 (< 3A), or GTL-104 x 3 (< 10A)
  255(W) x 145(H) x 335(D) mm
  Selection Guide
  Model   Independent   Series   Parallel
  0~18V x 2,
  0~5A x 2
  36V 5A   18V 10A


Price $460.00