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30 MHz Analog-Digital Scope

The GRS-6032A sets a standard in performance and economy. It comes with two professional scopes, can be operated as a real time 30Mhz analog oscilloscope and become a full function digital storage oscilloscope by pressing a button.


  • DC~30MHz, 100MSa/s, 2kW/CH x 2
  • 2 Channels, 4 Traces
  • Equivalent Time Sampling of 500MSa/s max.
  • Waveform SAVE / RECALL (M0~M9)
  • Pre-trigger Function 0 ~ 10 div.
  • ROLL Mode to 100s/div.
  • Max. Sweep Rate 10ns/div.
  • Cursor Readout Function: △V, △T, 1/△T
  • ALT-MAG Function (x5, x10, x20)
  • Panel Setting SAVE / RECALL 10 sets. (M0~M9)


  Type   6-inch CRT D14-363GY, 2kV
  Inten and Focus   Front panel control
  Illumination   Front panel control
  Z-axis Output
  Sensitivity   at least 5V (TTL)
  Polarity   positive going input decrease
  Max. input voltage   30V (DC+AC peak)
  Input impedance   approx. 33k Ohms
  Vertical System
  Sensitivity and
  1mV ~ 2mV/DIV ±5%, 5mV ~
  20V/DIV ±3%, 14 calibrated steps
  in 1-2-5 sequence
  Variable Continuously   2.5:1 ~ min. 50V/DIV

  Bandwidth (-3dB)
  5mV ~ 20V/DIV - DC ~ 30MHz
  1mV ~ 2mV/DIV - DC ~ 7MHz

  Rise Time

  5mV ~ 20V/DIV - Approx. 11.7nS
  1mV ~ 2mV/DIV - Approx. 50nS

  Vertical Mode   CH1, CH2, DUAL(ALT or CHOP)
  Chopper  Frequency   Approx. 250kHz
  Sum or Difference   CH1+CH2, CH1-CH2
  Invert   CH2
  Input Impedance   Approx. 1M Ohms ±2% //
  approx. 25pF
  Input Coupling   AC, DC, GND
  Maximum Input   Voltage   400V (DC + AC peak)
  Horizontal System
  Sensitivity and
  1mV ~ 2mV/DIV±5%, 5mV ~
  20V/DIV±3%, 14 calibrated
  steps in 1-2-5 sequence
  Sweep Time   0.2µS/DIV ~ 0.5S/DIV, 20 steps
  selectable in 1-2-5 sequence
  Sampling Rate
  500MS/s for Equivalent time
  sampling 100MS/s for normal

  Storage Bandwidth   Single shot: DC-5MHz (-3dB)
  Repetitive event: DC-30MHz ±5DIV
  Dynamic Range   ±5DIV
  Memory Length
  Axquisition Memory   2kW/CH*2, 1kW/CH (equivalent)
  Save REF Memory   1kW/CH*10 with back-up memory
  Display Memory   1kW/CH*4 waveorm (max)
  Sweep Time
  Equivalent   0.2µs/DIV; 0.5µs
  Normal   1µs/DIV~0.1s/DIV
  Roll   0.2s/DIV~100s/DIV Equivalent:
  0.2s/DIV; 0.5 s/DIV
  Sweep Magnification   x5, x10, x20
  Max. Sweep Time   50nS/DIV (10nS/DIV ~ 40nS/DIV
  are uncalibrated)
  MAG Interpolation   DOT, Linear
  ALT-MAG Function   YES
  Acquire Mode   Sample, Peak Detect (>25ns),
  Envelope, Per-sist, Average (2~256)
  Operation Mode   Auto, Norm, Single, Single-Roll,
  Roll, X-Y, Average (2~256), Run/Stop
  Smoothing   Function   Dot joint ON/OFF selectable
  Pre-Trigger   0~10DIV in 0.02DIV steps
  X-Y Operation   X-axis: CH1, Y-axis: CH2
  Storage Bandwidth   DC~30MHz (-3dB)
  Display Resolution   H:100points/DIV; V:25 points/DIV
  Waveform SAVE/
  10 sets (REF0~REF9)
  Cursor Readout
  Cursor Measurement   ΔV, ΔT, 1/ΔT
  Readout Intensity   Adjustable
  Output Signal
  CH1 Signal Output   Voltage: approx. 20mV/DIV
  (with 50 Ohms terminated)
  Calibrator Output   Voltage: 0.5V ±3%
  RS-232C Interface
  Power Source
  AC 100V/120V/ 230V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
  Power cord x 1, Instruction manual x 1, Probes(10:1/1:1) x 2
  Dimensions and Weight
  275(W) x 130(H) x 370(D) mm, Approx. 7.2kg


Price $995.00