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100 MHz with Cursor Readout and Mem

The GOS-6103C is a 100MHz, two-channel, dual-sweep, portable oscilloscope for general purpose use. A microprocessor-based operating system controls most of the functions of the instrument, including cursor readout and digitized panel setting. On-screen alphanumeric readout and cursor function for voltage, time, frequency and phase measurement provide extraordinary operational convenience. It also has the function of auto measurement for frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle. Ten different user defined instrument settings can be saved and recalled without restriction.


  • 100 MHz, Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep
  • Built-in 6 Digit Universal Counter (GOS-6103C)
  • 10 Sets Memory for Front Panel Setting Save & Recall (GOS-6103/GOS-6103C)
  • Time Base Auto-range (GOS-6103/GOS-6103C)
  • Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements
  • Panel Setup Lock of Digital-Control Functions
  • Buzzer Alarm
  • LED Indicators
  • TV Synchronization
  • Trigger Signal Output
  • Z-Axis Modulation Input
  • SMD Technology, High Stability and Reliability

  Type   6-inch rectangular type with
  internalgraticule; 0%, 10%, 90%
  and 100% markers. 8 x 10 DIV
  (1 DIV = 1 cm)
  Phosphor   P31
  Accelerating Potential   16 kV approx.   
  Illumination   Continuously adjustable
  Z-axis input
  Coupling   DC
  Sensitivity   5V or more
  Maximum Input Voltage   30V (DC+AC peak) at 1kHz or less
  Bandwidth:   DC ~ 5MHz
  Vertical System
  Sensitivity   2mV ~ 5V / DIV,11 step in 1-2-5
  Sensitivity Accuracy   < 3% (5 DIV at the center of display)
  Vernier Vertical
  Continuously variable to
   1 / 2.5 or less panel-indicate value
  Bandwidth (-3dB)   DC ~ 100MHz (2mV/DIV: DC ~ 20MHz)
  Rise Time   3.5nS (2mV/DIV : 17.5 nS)
  Signal Delay   Leading edge can be monitored
  Max. Input Voltage   400V (DC+AC peak) at 1kHz or less
  Input Coupling   AC, DC, GND
  Input Impedance   1M Ohm ±2%// approx. 25pF
  Vertical Mode   CH1, CH2, DUAL (CHOP/ALT),
  Bandwidth Limited   20MHz
  Rejection Ratio
  50:1 or better at 50kHz
  Dynamic Range   div at 100MHz
  Horizontal System
  Horizontal Modes   MAIN (A), ALT, DELAY (B)
  A (main) Sweep Time   50nS ~ 0.5S / DIV, continuously
  variable (UNCAL)
  B (delay) Sweep Time   50nS ~ 50mS / DIV
  Accuracy   ±3% (±5% at x 10 MAG)
  Sweep Magnification   x 10 (maximum sweep time
  5nS / DIV)
  Hold Off Time   Variable
  Delay Time   1µS ~ 5S
  Delay Jitter   Better than 1:20000
  Alternate Separation   Variable
  Trigger Modes   AUTO, NORM, TV
  Trigger Source   CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT
  Trigger Coupling   AC, DC, HFR, LFR
  Trigger Slope   ± polarity or TV sync polarity
  Trigger Sensitivity
  Mode   Frequency   INT   EXT
  AUTO   10Hz~20MHz
  0.35 DIV
  1.5 DIV
  50 mV
  150 mV
  NORM   DC~20MHz
  0.35 DIV
  1.5 DIV
  50 mV
  150 mV
  TV   sync signal   1 DIV   200 mVpp
  TV Sync   TV-V, TV-H
  Max. External
  Input Voltage
  400V (DC+AC peak) at 1kHz
  External Input
  1M Ohm ±5%, // approx. 25pF
  X-Y Operation
    Mode   Y-axis: selectable CH1, CH2,
  CH1 and CH2
  2mV ~ 5V/DIV ±3%;
  EXT: 0.1V/DIV ±5%
  DC ~ 500kHz (-3dB)
  Phase Error   3¼ or less from DC ~ 50kHz
  Output Signal
  Trigger Signal Output   Voltage: approx. 25mV/DIV into 50Ω
  Calibrator Output   1kHz Squarewave, 2Vpp ±2%
  Cursor Readout Function
  Cursor Measurement
  Δ V, ΔV%, ΔVdB, ΔT, 1/Δ T, ΔT%, Δθ
  Cursor Resolution   1/1 0 DIV
  Cursor Range
  Vertical: ±3DIV;
  Horizontal: ±4DIV

  Panel Setting Display

  Vertical: V/DIV(CH1,CH2), UNCAL, ALT/CHOP/ADD,
  INV, probe factor, AC/DC/GND

  Horizontal: S / DIV(MTB,DTB), UNCAL, x 10MAG,
  delay time, HO

  Trigger: source, coupling, slope, level, TV-V, TV-H

  Others: X-Y, lock, SAVE/RECALL MEM 0-9

  Special Function
  TIME/DIV Auto Range   Provided (GOS-6103/GOS-6103C)
  Panel Setting
  Save & Recall
  10 sets (GOS-6103/GOS-6103C)
  Panel Setups Lock   Provided
  Power Source
  AC 100V / 120V / 230V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz
  Power cord x1, Instruction manual x1, Probes(10:1/1:1) x 2
  Dimensions and Weight
  310(W) x 150(H) x 455(D) mm; Approx. 9kg



Price $1,250.00