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60 MHz DSO 100 MSa/s, Mono

The GDS-806S is a useful, 2 channel digital storage oscilloscope including: up to 10ns peak detection for glitch capture, a large 5.7” mono or color LCD display, two input channels - each with a record length of 125k points and 8 bits vertical resolution, a time base of 1ns/div~10s/div., a 6-digit trigger frequency counter and much more.


  • 60MHz Bandwidth With MONO Display
  • 125k Memory and 12 Division Horizontal Display
  • 25GS/s Sampling Rate for Repetitive Waveforms
  • Advanced Trigger: Pulse Width , TV Line, Event Delay and Time Delay
  • Go/NoGo, Auto Setup Sequence and TTF Function
  • Built-In Help Menu, Multi-Language and  FREE PC Software
  • Standard Interface: RS-232C
  • Optional Interface: GPIB, Printer Port and USB 2.0



   Display System
  Display Device   Mono (320 x 240)
  Display Contrast   Adjustable
  Display Graticule
  8 x 10 divisions (8 x 12 when menu off)
  Vertical System
  Bandwidth   60MHz
  Channels   2
  Vertical   Resolution   8-bit
  Vertical   Sensitivity   2mV/div ~ 5V/div
  Vertical   Accuracy   ±3%
  Rise Time   < 5.8ns
  Input Coupling   AC, DC, Ground
  Input Impedance   1M Ohm ± 2%, ~18pF
  Polarity   Normal & Invert
  Max. Voltage
  Between Signal
  and common at
  Input BNC
  300V (DC+AC peak), CATII
  Signal Process
  CH1 + CH2, CH1 - CH2, FFT
  Offset Range

  2mV/div~50mV/div: ±0.5V;
  1V/div~5V/div: ±50V

  BW Limit   20MHz (-3dB)
  Horizontal System
  Time Base
  1ns/div ~ 10s/div ( 1-2-5 increments ),
  Roll: 250ms/div ~ 10s/div
  Time Base Mode   Main, Window, Window Zoom, Roll, X-Y
  Time Base
  ± 0.01%
  Delay Range   Pre-trigger: 20 div
  Signal Acquisition System
  Sample Rate
  7NB 100MS/s maximum on each channel
  Sample Rate
  25GS/s E.T. maximum on each channel
  Record Length   125h/CH
  Peak Detection   10ns (500ns/div ~ 10s/div)
  Sample, Peak Detect, Average
  Average   2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
  TriggerSource   CH1, CH2, Line, Ext
  Mode   Auto Level, Auto, Normal, Single,
  TV, Time Delay, Event Delay, Edge,
  Pulse Width, AC, DC, HF, LF, Noise Reject
  Coupling   AC, DC, HF, LF, Noise Reject
  Sensitivity    DC ~ 25MHz: Approximate 0.5div or 5mV
  X - Y Mode
  X-Axis Input
  Y-Axis Input
  Channel 1
  Channel 2
  Phase Shift   ±3° at 100 kHz
   Cursor and Measurement
  Voltage and
  Vpp , Vamp , Vavg , Vrms , Vhi , Vlo ,
  Vmax , Vmin
  Auto Time
  Frequency, Period, Rise Time,
  Fall Time, Positive Width,
  Negative Width, Duty Cycle
  Measurement   Voltage difference between cursors and
  (ΔV),Time difference between cursors
  (1/ΔT), Frequency difference between
  cursors (1/ΔT)
  Frequency Counter
  6 digits
  AC Coupled, 20Hz~rated bandwidth;
  resolution: 10Hz
  All available trigger source except the
  Pulse Width and Video Trigger mode
  Adjustable Probe
  1kHz ~ 100kHz 1KHz/STEP
  Calibration Signal
  Duty Cycle   5% ~ 95% 5%/STEP
  External Trigger
  Range   15V
  Sensitivity   DC ~ 25MHz: ~ 50mV;
  25 ~ 60MHz: ~ 100mV
  1M Ohms ±2%, ~ 18pF
  300V (DC + AC peak) , CATII
  Control Panel Function
  AutoSet   Autoset can adjust vertical ( Volt/div ),   Horizontal ( Sec/div) and Trigger level   automatically
  Save/Recall   Up to 15 sets of measurement
  conditions can be saved and recalled
  Waveform Trace
  2 sets of waveform can be
  saved and recalled
  Standard   RS-232C
  Optional Opt. 01   GPIB Interface
  Optional Opt. 11   USB, Printer Port, Go/NoGo Output
  Power Source
  100V ~ 240V AC 47Hz ~ 63Hz , Auto selection
  Instruction Manual x 1 , Power Cord x 1 , Probe x 2
  Dimensions and Weights
  310W x 142H x 254D (mm), Approximate 4.1 kg



Price $755.00