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Circuit Breaker Identifier

The K190 quickly identifies and locates 110 ~ 125 VAC circuit breakers and fuses. It is an easy tool to find the circuit breaker or fuse supplying electrical power to an outlet or lighting fixture. Just plug the transmitter into the outlet and use the receiver to scan the circuit breaker panel box. An audible tone will be clearly heard when the right circuit breaker is scanned. It is not necessary to shut off the power to find the right circuit breaker or fuse. This circuit breaker identifier is an ideal tool for both automated office environments where disruption of power is not practical, as well as residential applications. The transmitter plug is interchangeable and can be changed for customers from countries other than the US.


  • Operation Voltage: 110 ~ 125 VAC
  • Operation Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Transmitter Power: wall outlet
  • Receiver Power: 9V battery
  • Accessories: instruction manual; 9V battery

Price $34.95