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Meter with 20MHz autoranging frequency, logic probe, 2000M Ohm resistance

Our best selling meter. And for good reason. Economically priced, it comes packed with nearly all the features required by the engineer and technician. Has an extra bright jumbo display and has a frequency counter autoranging to 20Mhz. Throw away your logic probe because this little jewel has one included. The K175N has an autoranging frequency of 20MHz, a logic probe, and resistance to 2000M Ohm.


  • 3½ Digit, 2000 Count
  • DC Volt: 0-200mV/2/20/200/1000V±0.5%
  • AC Volt: 0-200mV2/2/20/200/750V±1%
  • DC Current: 0-200µA/2/20/200mA/10A±1%
  • AC Current: 0-200±A/2/20/200mA/10A±1.2%
  • Resistance: 0-200 ohm/2/20/200/2000K ohm/20M ohm/2000M ohm±1%
  • Capacitance: 0-2000P/20/200nF/2/20µF±5%
  • Frequency: 0-20MHz auto-ranging ±0.5%
  • Diode test function
  • Logic tester probe
  • Continuity: <40 ohm ±20 ohm
  • 600V overload protection in DCV, ACV
  • 500V overload protection in Diode, Ohm, Continuity
  • Battery tester 9V, 1.5V
  • HFE test function
  • LED test function
Price $25.30