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mA Clamp Meter

The CA60 is a mA Current Clamp useful for automotive and commercial applications.  Simply close the jaws over the positive wire feeding PIRs, keypads, LIMs and Sounders to measure AC mA and DC volts for DC mA.


  • Uses two Hall-Effect sensors
  • For use with any multimeter with 200mV, and or 2V ranges for direct readout with input impedance of at least 1MW
  • LED lights up when the clamp meter is under power
  • Zero adjustment knob to compensate the hysteresis effect in DC measurements
  • Transformer ratio 10:1, 100:1
  • Output 1mV/10mA, 1mV/100mA.
    • Current Range 0 to 60Amps.
    • Accuracy DC Amps ±1.5%
  • AC Amps±2% (40Hz-2kHz)
  • AC Amps±4%(2kHz-10kHz)
  • AC Amps±6%(10kHz-20kHz)
  • Jaw opening capability - 9mm Conductor
  • Safety meets IEC 1010-1, IEC 1010-2-032 CE
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