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5 MHz Function Generator, LED

This is a stable low distortion instrument, which generates signals in the frequency range up to 5MHz.  Typical applications include a wide range of audio response testing applications, vibration testing, servo system evaluation, ultra sound applications, and etc. This instrument includes the following features: logarithmic and linear sweep capabilities, together with a built in frequency counter.  The sweep capability simplifies the task of finding resonant points of speakers, filter networks and other networks/structures.  An oscilloscope may be connected to this instrument for the response to be displayed.  The counter can be switched to measure and display the frequency of an external signal up to 150MHz.


  • Frequency Range: 0.5Hz ~ 5MHz
  • Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, TTL and 
    CMOS Output
  • External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) Function
  • Duty Cycle Controlled with Signal Inversion Capability
  • Variable DC Offset Control
  • Two-Step (-20dB x 2) and Variable Attenuator
  • Built-in 6 Digit Counter with INT./EXT. Function up to
    150MHz / high resolution
  • INT./EXT. AM/FM Modulation
  • LIN/LOG Sweep Mode
  • GCV Output for synchronization


  Frequency Range   0.5Hz to 5MHz (7 ranges)
  Amplitude   >10Vp-p (into 50 Ohms load)
  Impedance   50 Ohms ±10%
  Attenuator    -20dB ±1dB x 2
  DC Offset   <-5V ~ > 5V (into 50 Ohms load)
  Duty Control   80%: 20%: 80% to 1MHz
  Continue variable
  Display   6 digit LED display
  Sine Wave
  Distortion   <1%, 0.5Hz ~ 100kHz
  Flatness   <0.3dB, below 500kHz
  <1dB, below 5MHz
  Triangle Wave
  Linear   >98%, 0.5Hz ~ 100kHz
  >95%, 100kHz ~ 5MHz
  Square Wave
   Symmetry   ±2%, 1Hz ~ 100kHz
  Rise or Fall Time   < 50nS at maximum output
  (into 50 Ohms load)
  CMOS Output
  Level   4Vpp ±1Vpp ~ 14.5Vpp
  ±0.5Vpp adjustable
  Rise or Fall Time   <120nS
  TTL Output
  Level   >3Vpp
  Fan Out   20 TTL load
  Rise/Fall Time   <25nS
  Input Voltage   0V~10V ±1V(100: 1)
  Input Impedance   10k Ohms ±10%
  Output Voltage   To set the voltage between
  0V ~ 2V as per different
  Sweep Operation
  Sweep/Manual   Switch selector
  Sweep/Rate   100: 1 ratio max. and
  Sweep/Time   0.5sec. ~ 30sec. adjustable
  Sweep/Mode   Lin./Log. switch selector
  Amplitude Modulation
  Depth   0 ~ 100%
  MOD. Frequency   400Hz (INT), DC ~ 1MHz(EXT)
  Carrier BW   100Hz ~ 5MHz (-3dB)
  EXT Sensitivity   <10Vpp for 100% modulation
  Frequency Modulation
  Deviation   0 ~ + 5%
  MOD. Frequency   400Hz(INT), DC ~ 20kHz (EXT.)
  EXT. Sensitivity   <10Vpp for 10% modulation
  Frequency Counter
  INT./EXT.   Switch selector
  Range   0.5Hz ~ 5MHz
  (5Hz ~ 150MHz EXT.)
 Accuracy   Timebase accuracy ±1 Count
  Timebase   ±20ppm (23°C ±5°C) after
  30 minutes warm up
  Resolution   The maximum resolution is
  100nHz for 1Hz and 1Hz
  for 100MHz
  Input Impedance   1M Ohms//150pF
  Sensitivity   < 35m Vrms (5Hz ~ 100MHz);
  < 45m Vrms (100MHz ~ 150MHz)
  Power Source
  AC 115V/230V ±15%, 50/60Hz
Power cord × 1, Instruction manual × 1,GTL-101 × 2
  Dimensions and Weight
251(W) × 91(H) × 291(D) mm, Approx. 2.4kg


Price $399.00