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K-610 Logic Probe         $18.95

This economically priced Logic Probe is ideal for troubleshooting and analysis of logic circuits. It is circuit powered and includes 3 LED indicators for Hi, Lo, and Pulse/Memory; switch selectable for TTL or CMOS circuits; maximum input signal frequency 20MHz; minimum detectable pulse width 3 ns: pulse indicator flash time 500ms.

Logic Probe                          $19.95

The Logic Pulser is a very effective tool for inspecting and repairing logic circuits. It can be used directly to inject a signal into the logic circuits without removing the IC or breaking the circuit. The circuit power has a 100 mA pulse output and is switchable between 0.5 and 400Hz.

Logic Probe / Pulser            $23.50

This combination probe-pulser is an indispensable tool for the technician. Combining the features of the 610 and the 620 at a very attractive price.


K-610 Logic Probe
Price $18.95
K-620 Logic Probe
Price $19.95

K-625 Logic Probe
Price $23.50